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Course - Family

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Course Introduction


Marriage Conference


Most young people around the world look forward to getting married, expecting to raise a family and find belonging and happiness. But sooner or later married couples all experience conflict and hurt. For some couples the conflict and hurt become too great, so they divorce. Others find fulfillment and maybe happiness in raising children or in business relationships. For many couples, marriage becomes simply an economic arrangement and couples find ways of keeping a safe distance from each other to avoid conflict and hurt.

But marriage can be a life of joy and intimacy and a source of vitality for husbands and wives. Couples can learn to heal the hurts in their marriage. This conference will provide the tools needed to heal the hurts in your marriage, redeem what has been destroyed, and build a lasting relationship of multidimensional intimacy and joy. And children who experience this kind of marriage as they watch their parents have a model for their own marriages when they are old enough to marry.


  11/6 (M) 11/7 (T) 11/8 (W)
09:30 - 12:30 Marital Conflict and Why it Gets Ugly Crashing Discs Healing Dialogues, Discs & IEIs
14:00 - 17:00 Crashing Demon Dialogues Resolving Intuitive Emotional Impulses Forgiving Injuries
19:00 - 21:30 Short Stories for Ministry Short Stories for Ministry  

Session 1: Marital Conflict and Why it Gets Ugly
With all the reasons people give for getting married, there are three foundational, often unknown and unmentioned, expectations that when not met generate disappointment, mistrust, conflict and hurt. The worst marital conflicts can all be traced to these three primary expectations. Understanding these expectations and meeting them creates a safe environment for personal and relational growth.

Session 2: Crashing Demon Dialogues
Conflict content can be about anything. Conflict process gets predictable and increasingly destructive to intimacy in “Demon Dialogues.” These quarrels are two people attacking each other, demeaning each other, calling each other names, swearing and trying to hurt each other verbally. We’ll show you how couples can stop the process.

Session 3:Crashing Discs
Conflicted couples can fight about anything and eventually everything. But it is the process of conflict that hurts more than the topics. Discs are things like frisbees that go around and around, or dance steps that are repeated until the music stops. When couples are caught up in a Disc, eventually every conflict spirals down to hopelessness. Crashing Discs is the art of changing a Disc together, and eventually discovering upward spiraling positive Discs.

Session 4: Resolving Intuitive Emotional Impulses
Intuitive Emotional Impulses are almost always at the bottom of marital conflicts. I will define and describe some of them, and show how to resolve them and how resolving paves the way for new intimacy in marriage.

Session 5: Healing Dialogues, Discs & IEIs
It is one thing to understand the dynamics of conflict, hurt and resolution. It is another thing to apply the dynamics to your own conflicts. So to break through the Demon Dialogues, Discs and Intuitive Emotional Impulse conflicts, I will lead you through a Guided Conversation with your mate to bring healing to you both and to your marriage.

Session 6: Forgiving Injuries
Most couples know that we should forgive, but few couples actually forgive. After explaining true and false forgiveness, I will lead you through two Guided Conversations with your mate to receive and give needed forgiveness.

Evening Sessions:
1st: The speaker will read you one of his short stories then demonstrate how to guide a discussion that will help your children or grandchildren learn Biblical, spiritual truths that are in the story. Then we will explore how narrative captures imagination and makes truth meaningful.
2nd: Another short story for kids, and one for older kids, family discussions and tips for writing ministry stories.

Course Code MC02
Trainer Rex Johnson Psy.D.
Introduction of Trainer Rex speaks regularly on and off campus in conferences related to ministry, marriage and leadership. For the past 16 years he has also traveled to the former Soviet Union countries, southern Africa, east Asia Central America and Europe to minister, equip teachers and develop leaders.
Course Designed For Pastor couple, Marriage counselor, Marriage coach, Christian counselor.
Brothers and sisters who are interested in Marriage Ministry.
Course Objectives This conference will provide the tools needed to heal the hurts in your marriage, redeem what has been destroyed, and build a lasting relationship of multidimensional intimacy and joy.


Downloadable Materials
Class Size 350
Current Registration 0
Confirmed Registration 0
Cost $ 73
Note Early bird sign up by 7/31: NTD 1,700. For pastors and their spouse, “two for the price of one” special (with one copy of the book for free).
For seminary students (excluding the extension program), there is a promotional offer of NTD 1500.
Evening sessions are free (donations are welcome).
Please read the books in advance.
To register, you must first become a member of Lifting Hands. Sorry for the inconvenience.