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Who We Are - News & Events

Categories Title Posted by Released Date
News January newsletter: The Keys to a Happy Life Jane Hsu Jan-23-2024
News November Newsletter: New Experience Jelly Nov-08-2023
Event August newsletter: The Publishing of Sustainable Church Jelly Aug-29-2023
News LiftingHands June Newsletter: Watchman Jelly Jun-04-2023
News December Newsletter: Letting Yilan Exit the List Jelly Jan-08-2023
News May Newsletter: Stress and Suicide Jelly May-30-2022
Event January Newsletter: The Grief of a Bereaved Single Sister in Christ Jelly Jan-19-2022
News Dec. Newsletter: When Failing to Comfort and Becoming “Job’s Friend”? Jelly Dec-28-2021
News November Newsletter: Finally, there is NEW HOPE for those who suffer from depression. Jelly Dec-07-2021
News June Newsletter: Please Remember the Needs of Others Jane Hsu Jun-14-2021
News January Newsletter: Together, Let Us Protect Today’s Youth Jane Hsu Jun-07-2021
News July Newsletter: Take Your Life Back Jane Hsu Jul-14-2020
News God’s Timing Jane Hsu Mar-03-2020
News Are You Ready? Jane Hsu Feb-07-2020
News Jakarta Chinese Ministry Report Jane Hsu Oct-15-2019
News “IGNITE” Conference Report Jane Hsu Jul-15-2019
News Look! My Mother, My Brother! (Matthew 12:48, Mark 3:33) Jane Hsu Dec-26-2018
News Crisis Intervention Chaplains: Newsletter of LHN TW: Nov. 2018 Jane Hsu Nov-08-2018
News Critical Incident Stress Management: Newsletter of LHN TW: Aug 2018 Jane Hsu Aug-13-2018
News Jakarta Mission Trip Report Jane Hsu Aug-10-2018
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