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Due to major catastrophes which happened in Taiwan and China in recent years, and the importance of conducting "Defusing" and "Critical Incident Stress Debriefing", Jane went to the US to receive training from International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. (ICISF) and obtained the first stage certificate of "Group Crisis Intervention", “Assisting Individuals in Crisis", and " Advanced Assisting Individuals in Crisis". The institute said there are no Chinese-speaking instructors at the moment, and thus if God permits, Jane hopes to become qualified in this area, and introduce the unified global critical incident stress management scheme to Taiwan, so that the local pastors can help victims from the very first beginning.

1. Jane shared "How to help people who are grieving" in the English adult fellowship in the FCBC Fountain Valley Church on October 2. During the session, many attendees voiced their opinions, saying our ministry is really meaningful (Some even asked about the details of "How to Walk out of Grief" workshop). At the end, several attendees stood and applauded, and quite a few a brothers and sisters expressed thanks for the great help received from the sharing, and that every church should have grief ministry as well.
2. Jane was invited to share the origin, vision and ministry development of LHN in the Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church prayer meeting on October 28. Pastor Lee said he looks forward to becoming a supporting partner of LHN.
3. Dr. Sappington, the author of Letting God Be Judge, settled his schedule to come to Taiwan for the special conference next year.

Prayer Requests--
1. Please pray for Bonnie Saucy, Mark Saucy’s wife who came to Taiwan with Mark in June for the conference. Her cancer marker #S are way up.
2. Churches that have co-hosted the "Trauma, Crisis and Grief Counseling Part 1: Walk out of Grief" workshop can establish grief & loss of spouse ministries, and attendees can enter support and growth groups so that they can finish the grief journey with God's presence, healing and mercy. By doing this, they can further lead those who are grieving to Lord.
3. The marketing campaigns of Man and Woman in Church Ministry and Letting God Be Judge are blessed with God's creativity and anointment.
4. Please pray that the books and DVDs of Lifting Hands Network will become a tremendous blessing to brothers and sisters in Christ.


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