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Scripture teaches us that God has lavished his abundant grace on each and every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. We experience God’s grace at the beginning of our lives as Christians, when we are justified by grace through faith. However, we also walk in that grace each and every day of our lives, living as children of God who are loved and cherished by their perfect heavenly Father. In addition, this grace should overflow in our relationships with others, enabling us to bear with each other in love, to forgive those who hurt or offend us, and to avoid judging those who have wounded us by letting God be the one who sits in the place of judgment. This is what God desires for us as His children, but many of us struggle to experience and to express His grace for a variety of reasons. We invite you to join us in this conference as we learn together how to experience God’s abundant grace, and to express it in our lives, our relationships and our ministries.

Conference theme: Overflowing with Grace: Expressing God’s Abundant Grace in our Lives, our Relationships, and our Ministries
Session 1: Experiencing the Transforming Power of God’s Abundant Grace
Session 2: Hindrances to a Grace-Oriented Life
Session 3: Understanding the Grace of Forgiveness
Session 4: Practicing the Grace of Forgiveness
Session 5: Understanding the Destructive Power of Ungodly Judgments
Session 6: Experiencing Freedom from Ungodly Judgments

1. Jane was invited to share LHN's origin, vision and ministry at Missionary Fellowship group of GHFC on December 8. After the interview, several attendees told her they were greatly inspired; they will visit LHN website and pray for our ministries.

2. The translation of “Why Suffering?” has completed as scheduled.

3. The translation of “Healing the Hurt in your Marriage” is proceeded smoothly.

Prayer Requests--
1. Please pray that seminaries and Christian institutions in Taiwan are willing to help promoting the “Letting God Be Judge” conference.

2. Please pray that God will use the conference to bless seminaries, pastors, and brothers and sisters serving the Christ in Taiwan.

3. Please pray that Living for Just One More Day, intended for people suffering with depression, can be published on time, and that God will use the book to help those in need.

4. Churches that have co-hosted the "Trauma, Crisis and Grief Counseling Part 1: Walk out of Grief" workshop can establish grief & loss of spouse ministries, and attendees can enter support and growth groups so that they can finish the grief journey with God's presence, healing and mercy. By doing this, they can further lead those who are grieving to Lord.

5. Please pray that the books and DVDs of Lifting Hands Network will become a blessing to brothers and sisters in various churches.


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