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I recently sat with friend who told me, “I do not want to be me.” People who struggle with this kind of “mind pain” do not desire to be thus afflicted, no more than any sick person desires to be ill.

I recently asked a very prominent psychiatrist whether anxiety and depression were primarily situational or chemical; he answered, “Always both.” There are other professionals with varying points of view. I believe there may be a propensity that is hardwired, and major triggers reveal the anxiety and depression that are already present, potentially inducing a “major depressive episode.” While we can rarely control the triggers, we can learn to respond to them with better function.

One fight that anxious and depressed folk battle is the seeming loss of potential. Parents look on and wonder why, in the prime of life, their son/daughter has to siphon off life and rearrange plans and hopes to bow to the complexities of these diseases. They mourn the loss of their children’s potential. Adults who suffer with anxiety and depression mourn the loss of their own potential.

— Just One More Day

“Next time you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store or stuck in traffic, take a look around. Chances are, the person behind you knows—or is—someone who has had depression or anxiety. Nearly 19% of American adults struggle with an anxiety disorder and 5 to 8% deal with depression in a given year. Women are at least two times as likely as men to experience these conditions.” —Woman’s Day, May 6, 2008

Often the sufferer is left to him or herself with no resources to cope. We believe that Just One More Day provides both coping skills and encouragement. May God comfort the sufferer through this book.


1. Taiwan Baptist Christian Seminary recommended, "Overflowing with Grace Conference" to alumni.

2. Pastor Sun in Kaohsiung told us that Letting God Be Judge is such great book that he and his co-workers will definitely attend the "Overflowing with Grace Conference."

3. Pastor Wang in Hsinchu expressed how he appreciated that we published the books and DVD’s of Playing with Fire and The Church in God’s Program. These greatly helped Pastor Wang and his congregation.

4. The proofreading of "Just One More Day" (Chinese version) went smoothly. We plan to launch this book in March.

5. The final version of “Walk out of Grief” introduction video was completed. Please visit and share it.

6. The first edition “Overflowing with Grace Conference” introduction video is done. Please visit and share it.

Prayer Requests—
1. Jane will attend 17 Pastors’ Prayer Meetings in different areas and introduce the Conference. May God anoint Jane and motivate the attendants to come.

2. Please pray that God will use the conference to bless seminaries, pastors, and brothers and sisters serving Christ in Taiwan.

3. The proofreading of "Why Suffering?" (Chinese version) went smoothly. Please pray that each word/sentence that needs to be polished can be amended correctly and elegantly.

4. Churches that have co-hosted the "Trauma, Crisis and Grief Counseling Part 1: Walk out of Grief" workshop will stablish grief & loss of spouse ministries. This will enable to attendees to enter support and growth groups so that they can finish the grief journey with God's presence, healing and mercy. By doing this, they can further lead those who are grieving to Lord.

5. Please pray that the books and DVDs of Lifting Hands Network will become a blessing to brothers and sisters in various churches.

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