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I maintain that the church often inflicts pain instead of providing healing. Those of us suffering from anxiety and depression already feel anxious about our struggles. We are often told to read Scripture and pray harder, but our attempts to do so may not reduce our pain but only heap on more guilt and shame. What we need is a safe place—an “environmental hospital”—free of judgment and full of safety and support for us to express our truth. We need authenticity and validation from church leadership and we need to know we are not alone.

~ Just One More Day


The above is not only the author’s personal thought, but general feelings of those who struggle with anxiety and depression. Please stop telling them: Love God more, lean on God, or trust in God and don’t think too much. In fact, they might love God more than we do. If some of your friends suffering from anxiety and depression, please buy “Just One More Day” for them. If you want to know how to help them, please join “Just One More Day” Book Club.   



1.    “Just One More Day” will be launched around early of May.

2.    Up to end of April, 150 people registered for the Taipei conference of Overflowing with Grace, 100 people HAVE registered for the Kaohsiung Conference.

3.    Having the chance to introduce the conference of Overflowing with Grace with students of China Evangelical Seminary (CES) and Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary. 

4.    Alumni Association of CES forwarded the EDM of the conference to the alumni.

5.    Bread of Life Christian Church in Ilan will hold “Walk out of Grief” workshop” in the afternoons of Sept 24 & 25. 


Prayer Requests—

1.    May God anoint the Press Release so that the persons in charge of Christian media will be willing to publish the conference news, interview us, record and broadcast the conference.

2.    Please pray that God will use the conference to bless seminaries, pastors, and brothers and sisters serving Christ in Taiwan.

3.    The proofreading of "Why Suffering?" (Chinese version) went smoothly. Please pray that each word/sentence that needs to be polished can be amended correctly and elegantly.


4.    Churches that have co-hosted the "Trauma, Crisis and Grief Counseling Part 1: Walk out of Grief" workshop will establish grief & loss of spouse ministries. This will enable attendees to enter support and growth groups so that they can finish the grief journey with God’s presence, healing and mercy. By doing this, they can further lead those who are grieving to the Lord.


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