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"Mom had been sick for a long time. So, even we knew that Dad was dying, we decided not to inform her, and just set up the funeral room according to Dad's will, and stayed there and took turns with my brothers and sisters. A few days later, it occurred to my Mom that Dad had passed away and asked if she could go and pay tribute. As children, we worried that she could not stand the grief and thus did not promise her," a friend me told me.

"So your mom didn't see your dad one last time?" I asked. "Wouldn't she feel sorry?"

"No, she didn't. They had had quarrels all the time and did not enjoy each other's company. I was really worried and I did so for her own good," my friend said, a little agitatedly, "How would I know they were married for several decades and my mom would keep nagging: 'I felt so sorry I didn't see him one last time and heard his last words.' I regretted my decision."

I've always heard similar stories. Parents did not tell children the bad news due to worries of affecting children's study or career, or children withheld the secret due to worries that parents could not bear. They thought he or she might not be able to stand the grief and thus did not give him or her of chances of saying goodbye.

However, school years would pass, and would a final exam affect his or her future career? Not at all. I still remember a host, a Golden Bell Award winner, said: "My family didn't tell me my grandpa passed away because of concerns for my work performance. I feel sorry I didn't have the chance to say goodbye and will continue to feel the same way the rest of my life. How can a Golden Bell Award compare to that?"

The elderly have lived longer years and had their share of pain. They are much stronger than we think. Please ask yourself you're going to lose your beloved one, will you be willing to be kept in the dark? Please don't let your well-intentioned move become others' regret for life.

1. Readers suffering from major depression said "Just One More Day: Meditations for Those Who Struggle with Anxiety and Depression" provides great help.
2. One counselor teaching at a seminary called and expressed gratitude for the publication of "Just One More Day: Meditations for Those Who Struggle with Anxiety and Depression".
3. Readers suffering from depression said finally someone understands their sense of isolation.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that the post-production of this year's special conference DVD will go smoothly and that the series will be used as teaching materials for Adult Sunday Schools.
2. Please pray for the proofreading of "Why Suffering?" and that all the mistranslations can be amended properly.
3. Churches that have co-hosted the "Trauma, Crisis and Grief Counseling Part 1: Walk out of Grief" workshop can establish grief & loss of spouse ministries, and attendees can enter support and growth groups so that they can finish the grief journey with God's presence, healing and mercy. By doing this, they can further lead those who are grieving to Lord.
4. Please pray that the books and DVDs of Lifting Hands Network will become a blessing to brothers and sisters in various churches.

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