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Although many situations happened from the beginning of filming Overflowing with Grace Conference through post production, the DVDs were finally completed and mailed out to the subscribers and donors around early November. 


The most amazing thing happened when we saw the total income received from subscribers and donors and the total expenses paid (for post production needs, copying, postage, etc.) -- the difference was less than one US dollar. Again God provided exactly what we needed.


In addition to giving thanks to God, we want to thank many people/agencies who have contributed in significant ways --Taiwan Harmony Friends Church and WuChang Church, Dr. Doris Brougham, the founder of ORTV, for sending Grace Wang to be our cameraman, Pastor Chou Cheng-Dai, former reporter of CTS, Judy Hu, and Kay Chen. These individuals went above and beyond the call of duties and worked endlessly to see this project through.



1. “Why Suffering?” entered the printing process. It will be launched in December.

2. We finally received the signed contract of For Women Only traditional Chinese copyright, a Marriage Counseling Conference textbook assigned by Rex Johnson, Psy. D.

3. Jane gave a sermon in Xizhi Church on November 20. Several brothers and sisters told her that they were convicted to share the Gospel with people. They also learned how to prepare themselves in this difficult time. They felt much inspired to live intentionally for God on a daily basis.


Prayer Requests—

1. Please pray that God will use Overflowing with Grace DVD to heal Chinese Christians, especially the brothers and sisters in China.

2. Please pray that God will use Living for Just One More Day, intended for people suffering with anxiety and depression, to help those in need.

3. Please pray that the Proofreading of Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage can be completed smoothly. All errors will be revised faithfully, fluently, and elegantly.

4. Please pray for more churches of different cities or counties in Taiwan to be willing to co-host "Walk Out of Grief" workshop.


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