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Rex Johnson, Psy.D., speaker of "Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage" Marital Counseling Conferences coming this Fall, speaks regularly on and off campus in conferences related to ministry, marriage and leadership. For the past 16 years he has traveled to the former Soviet Union countries, South Africa, East Asia, Central America and Europe to minister, equip teachers and develop leaders.

Rex and his wife, Eve, are also involve in Standing Stone, a ministry to pastors, missionaries, para-church ministries and church-leader couples. "Shepherding the Shepherds," a one-week intensive, is one of the ways Rex and Eve minister to struggling pastor couples. It is like a week in a hospital for someone who has been injured physically. However, for pastor couples, the injuries are emotional, relational, spiritual, financial and even physical as they experience burn-out. Often the results include moral failure, physical illness, and coercive control.

Since they will be in Taiwan with Jane in the Fall, Dr. Johnson and Eve would like to equip one or two pastor couples to shepherd other pastor couples in Taiwan. The best way to equip them is to take them through an intensive week focused on their ministry and marriage so that their training is experiential, not just a theoretical exercise. Rex asked Jane to pray about it.

Jane has greatly adored missionaries and pastors since she received Jesus as her Savior. For her, it is a supreme honor to serve them. Yet, this kind of service requires a comfortable environment and the accommodation fee of hotels for an intensive week for the counselors and two couples (one in Kaohsiung, another in Taipei) is far too expensive for a little organization such as LiftingHands. Shall she give up this opportunity?

While Jane was pondering deeply over the matter, a friend invited Jane to her vacation house. As Jane shared her worries, her friend said, “You guys can stay at my house if you'd like." Wow! What a wonderful gift from God! Again, Jane experienced that before the Lord wants her to do anything, He will provide for all her needs.

1. A mother told Jane with tears that the sermon Jane gave in Xizhi Church on Feb. 12th greatly helped her and her child. They will follow the instructions as soon as they go home.

2. A pastor shared at a joint-prayer meeting how Just One More Day helped a minister of his church recover from depression.

3. Proofreading of Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage is going smoothly.

4. Three pastors responded that publications of LiftingHands are really good and practical.

Prayer Requests—
1. God will use the book Why Suffering? to help people find Jesus, the real source of meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense.

2. Please pray that God will use the Overflowing with Grace DVD to heal Chinese Christians, especially the brothers and sisters in China.

3. Please pray that God will use Living for Just One More Day, to help those who are suffering with anxiety and depression.

4. Please pray for more churches of different cities or counties in Taiwan to be willing to co-host the "Walk out of Grief" workshop.


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