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Have you ever received a donation like the widow’s offering (Mark 12:41-44)? Jane has.

A sister worked hard but received a relatively low salary. Her paycheck was only about $600 per month, but she insisted on donating $30 to Lifting Hands. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, she prepared a cash gift for our staff. We asked her to reconsider it. She replied: She was really touched by what we have done, and she’d like to encourage our staff by giving each of us a red envelop.

An American donor wanted to donate $500 to Lifting Hands. Knowing this couple’s finances to be very tight, and the wife was going to undergo a kidney transplant which will cost quite a bit of money, Jane thanked them for their support but insisted that they refrain on giving financially. Jane reassured them that God will provide.

A brother shyly said: “From my point of view, ministries such as Lifting Hands are so significant that I’d like to support you. However, I can only donate $6.66 per month. Is it okay?”
“Of course.” Jane replied.
The brother left with a big smile. Jane took a look at the authorization letter he filled out and could not believe it: the offering period was from July 2016 through December 2059. Wow! Unbelievable!

Another brother emailed us, asking to change the donation length as he promised to give for one year.
“Sure. We can terminate it now if you’d wish.”
His reply was, “Please change the period from one year to until I inform you to stop.” What a pleasant surprise!

While updating her credit card information, a sister, serving at an orphanage, told us that she is willing to support Lifting Hands as long as she can, although her budget is limited.

There are more short stories that have encouraged us. Facing every donator, our hearts are full of thanksgivings. May God give us wisdom to use all the donations so that every dollar might produce fruits—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times in the kingdom of God.

1. Jane, being a consultant in business for years, shared How to Shine in the Workplace: Enjoy working and excel in the workplace at Xizhi Church on March 19th. About 10 people told her that the message was exactly what they needed, and they wished they were taught this earlier. A mom felt sorry for her daughter and her son in law because they missed the teaching. Some asked Jane when she will be back to give another sermon at the church.
2. Proofreading of Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage is going smoothly.
3. Wu Chang Church is willing to co-host the "Walk Out of Grief" workshop in Kaohsiung in the afternoon of Sept. 6 & 7.

Prayer Requests—
1. God will use the book Why Suffering? to help people find Jesus, the real source of meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense.
2. Please pray that God will use the Overflowing with Grace DVD to heal Chinese Christians, especially those brothers and sisters living in China.
3. Please pray that God will use Living for Just One More Day to help those who are suffering from anxiety and depression.
4. Please pray for more churches of different cities or counties in Taiwan to be willing to co-host the "Walk Out of Grief" workshop.



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