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The divorce rate in Taiwan is ranked #1 in Asia. Elementary school students are taught to explore their sexuality in diverse ways, including looking into their homosexual tendencies. These facts are very disturbing, especially for me as I minister with Lifting Hands. The headlines in most major newspaper are very upsetting. Here are a few examples from May 25th:

United Daily News:
Grand Justices’ Ruling -- Limiting same-sex marriage unconstitutional
Liberty Times:
Civil Code is unconstitutional towards same-sex marriage
Apple Daily:
First in Asia — Ruling supports same-sex marriage
China Times:
Same-sex marriage to be legalized in Taiwan within two years

Looking at this dire situation, I ask myself: What can I do in addition to praying and expressing my views?

How can those in Taiwan restore their views of marriage? What if marriage can be a life of joy and intimacy for husbands and wives? What if couples can learn to heal the hurts in their marriage? Will children who experience this kind of marriage as they watch their parents model the beauty of what God intended marriage to be transformed in their own marital values?

God is merciful and knows everything. He is leading Rex Johnson, Psy.D. to be the speaker of Marriage Conference, Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage, this Fall. This conference will provide the tools needed to heal the hurts in marriage relationship, redeem what has been destroyed, and build a lasting relationship of multidimensional intimacy and joy.

We have shared this great news at 20 joint prayer meeting since April 20. Almost every pastor in each meeting told us that this issue is so important and this conference is exactly what Taiwan needs.

As people search information now by the use of their cellular phone, we designed two formats to introduce this conference -- one for computer, another one for cellular phone ( In order to let more people know this wonderful event, we are also producing a short video. May God use these different methods to get the word of this Marriage Conference out! May God bless all churches in Taiwan through Dr. Johnson’s teaching!

1. Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage is going to be published on June 9th.

2. The "Walk Out of Grief" workshop at Wu Chang Church in Kaohsiung in the afternoons of May 6 - 7 went well. Jane received many great feedbacks.

3. Churches in Xinzhuang Dist. in New Taipei City and Wenshan Dist. in Taipei City are willing to co-host the "Walk Out of Grief" workshop in September.

Prayer Requests—

1. Please pray that God opens more doors of promotion for the conference and pastors can make time to learn marital counseling.

2. Please pray that God will use the book Why Suffering? to help people find Jesus, the real source of meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense.

3. Please pray that God will use Overflowing with Grace DVD to heal Chinese Christians, especially the brothers and sisters in China.

4. Please pray that God will use Living for Just One More Day, to help those who are suffering with anxiety and depression.

5. Please pray for more churches in Taiwan to be willing to co-host the "Walk Out of Grief" workshop.


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