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We thank God that “Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage” Marriage Conferences were held as scheduled and came to a most perfect ending. Three hundred and twenty-four people signed up for the Taipei conference, and 208 people signed up for the Kaohsiung conference, totaling 532 people. Twelve of these individuals were seminary students, whereas others were mostly pastors, ministers, and missionary couples. A total of 300 brother and sisters came to Evening sessions, Short Stories for Ministry.

We have received enormous and positive feedback about the marriage classes and here are just a few:

A professional marriage counselor told us that she didn’t know she would learn so much. Rex asked many heart piercing questions and gave us students easy and practical ways to help us apply what we learned. I admire Rex a lot!

A pastor’s wife said, “I’ve felt how deep and wide our Heavenly Father’s love is through Rex.”

A pastor wrote an email saying, Thank you for the amazing arrangement. My wife and I really enjoyed the classes held during those three days.

A senior pastor overseeing several churches in Taiwan said, “We love Rex so much. The three days of classes were very practical and were just what our church needed. Thank you for inviting such a great speaker and for sharing the book.”

A pastor lined Jane: I’m very excited to know that the professor for “Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage” conference will continue to come to Taiwan with more advanced marriage classes. Through the different sources I have, the main focus has always been on fixing the problem within the couple, whereas the teacher from “Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage” conference taught us it should be an interaction paradigm, meaning not only improving couples’ conversation skills, moreover helping each other to have a much deeper healing and to experience and apply a more complete truth. I love the things I’ve learned!

An overseas pastor called saying, “Whenever Rex starts to pray, tear fills my eyes. He is such an anointed speaker!”

A head of an institution told us, “We also have held conferences like this, and I know you were short on staff. Yet, every detail was so perfect. I’d love to learn from Lifting Hands Network!”

We have also received many amazing feedbacks from the audience during “Short Stories for Ministry”. Many of them asked when we will publish Rex’s written stories. We are here to tell everyone the good news that we are planning to post one of Rex’s written stories each month on our Lifting Hands Network’s website.

As always we encouraged people from the conference to donate US$200 for the upcoming year and become our association’s donor. Praise the Lord there were 40 who were willing.

In other matter, Jane is planning on going to the States to study for three months in 2018. She was worried about not meeting the financial needs of Lifting Hands Network, but praise God, through the overflow of sign-up fee and the donations from our donors, it has broaden Jane’s heart.

The conference not only has been reported twice on programs of GoodNews radio station, but also has been shared on other Christian media. The links are below:

1. Christian Daily

2. Chinese Christian Tribute

3. Kingdom Revival Times

4. Christian New Center

5. Christian Daily

1. We thank God that “Walk Out of Grief” workshops were held in Xinzhuang, Wenshan, and Shulin from September through November. Several attendants told us the content is practical and helpful.
2. Received this message from a pastor through email: Thank you for your efforts. A Field of Sheep (, the Christmas story Rex wrote for children, is helpful for our kids and teenager ministries.
3. More “Walk Out of Grief” workshops will be held, one in Wanhua dist. in January, another one in Jingmei in April.

Prayer Requests:
1. The post-production of Marriage conference DVD went smoothly. Please pray that God will use the DVD to become the teaching material for marriage ministry.
2. The proofreading of "For Women Only" (Chinese edition) go smoothly. Please pray that each word/sentence that needs to be polished can be amended correctly and elegantly.
3. Please pray that God will use the book Why Suffering? to help people to find Jesus, who is the real source of meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense.
Please pray that God will use the Overflowing with Grace DVD to heal Chinese Christians, especially brothers and sisters in Mainland China.
4. Please pray that God will use the book Living for Just One More Day to help those who are suffering with anxiety and depression.
5. Please pray for more churches to set up support groups and growth groups to practice accepting and accompanying each other after experiencing "Walk Out of Grief" Workshop.

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