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As China is discussing the possibilities of constitutional reformation related to the term of their chairman, this would be a historical change in China’s political system. Chairman Xi Jin-Ping might be allowed to stay in office longer than the set retirement age! Along with this, China has also announced the banning of holding summer camps or training courses, selling of religious books and other products. Religious contents are also forbidden in children’s Sunday school. How can parents deal with this situation?

What seems like a crisis is also an amazing opportunity for God to work! Praise be to God for guiding Dr. Rex Johnson as he had started to use education and psychology to write children’s Bible stories. Each story along with engaging discussion questions allows parents or Sunday school teachers to inspire creativity and character building while reading the stories. Their foresight has aided parents’ ability to relate to their children using Biblical principles.

We thank the Lord for the privilege to work with Dr. Johnson. From December of 2017, Lifting Hands Network has posted one of Dr. Rex’s Bible stories each month in three different ways—traditional & simplified Chinese as well as in English. With Easter coming up, February was The Slingshot & the Knife, and March was Scarface. These stories are helping children understand the reality of Easter and to establish a relationship with Jesus.

Thanksgiving —

1. Thirty-three people (most of them are pastors and their spouses) participated in the Wan Hua District “Walk out of Grief” Workshop.
2. The DVD for “Healing the Hurt in your Marriage” Conference is completed. They were sent out before Chinese New Year.
3. Dr. Rex Johnson’s Bible stories for children are being posted every month.

Pray Requests—
1. May the proofreading of the translation for "For Women Only" go smoothly. Please pray that each word/sentence that needs to be polished can be amended correctly and elegantly.
2. Please pray that God will use the book Healing the Hurt in your Marriage and the conference DVD to bless Chinese couples.
3. Please pray that God will use the book Why Suffering? to help people to find Jesus, who is the real source of meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense.
4. Please pray that God will use the DVD of Overflowing with Grace Conference to heal Chinese Christians, especially brothers and sisters in Mainland China.
5. May God use Just One More Day to help those who are suffering with depression and anxiety.
6. May the churches who have been through the “Walk out of Grief” Workshops be willing to establish support and growth groups in order to practice accepting and accompanying for one another.


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