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“Behold, these will come from afar;
And lo, these will come from the north and from the west,
And these from the land of Sinim.” (Sinim means Qin state/China)

As the door of sharing the Gospel in China is becoming narrower, many institution seminaries have had to take some measures in order to face this pressing issue. However, the God who surpasses time and space has already taken action and prepared the way.

Indonesia is a country populated with the most overseas Chinese. Following the popularity of learning Chinese in the 21st century, the country has finally launched Chinese classes which were prohibited for 32 years. Moreover, in 2004, the Indonesian Ministry of Education approved these cities -- Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Bali -- to set up trilingual schools starting from preschool to elementary school children with Chinese, English, and Indonesian. Because of this, many Chinese teachers have flooded into these cities from different provinces in China.

Many Chinese people who arrive in Jakarta are introduced to the Chinese Home of Jakarta, which is also called “Sinim Home.” Sinim Home originated from a group of Chinese residences in Indonesia. For many years, they have been serving the Chinese who led a life of wandering in Indonesia. Their desire was to build a spiritual harbor and home for these ‘nomadic’ Chinese. While serving them, people came to know Jesus through their charitable work. They also trained people through discipleship. Thus, when the contracts terminated, these people went back to their home country equipped to help others. After Pastor Hsu passed away in November of 2016, Mrs. Hsu took on the responsibility of discipleship training. God transformed the grief of these co-workers into an amazing powerful force. Mrs. Hsu was ordained as the new pastor last year.

Jane Hsu is very thankful that every year she has been invited to conduct classes to equip believers to serve in various ministries in Indonesia.

For many years, the friendship between Jane and the co-workers has been like a family.

Another series of classes called “The Code to Understand and Analyze Behaviors – Management of Character” will start on May 25th and continue until June 4th. There will be a total of eleven classes. The content focuses on three areas of application. One is family, the other is workplace, and the last one is the church. Classes are opened to non-believers. Pray that seekers will be interested in joining this class. Also pray that God will use these classes to assist people to know, accept, and appreciate themselves and others. Pray that God would use these classes to help people become the master of their interpersonal relationships and be able to help others. Pray that the co-workers will serve together to build the body of Christ.

Thanksgiving Report:
1. In April, there were 33 people who attended the workshop of “Walk Out of Grief.” Most of the attendants are pastoral couples. One of the pastors said it was like going to a spa that refreshed the soul. Another pastors stated that all the classes were immensely wonderful. The pastor recommends all brothers and sisters to join such classes next time.
2. The translation of For Women Only has finally been proofread and refined. Now it is at the stage of layout.
3. There have been readers asking if there is a picture book version of the children story book by Dr. Rex Johnson. They hope that in the near future, there will be a picture story book with a bilingual CD.

Prayer Requests –
4. Please pray that God will use the book Healing the Hurt in your Marriage and the conference DVD to bless Chinese couples.
5. Please pray that God will use the book Why Suffering? to help people to find Jesus, who is the real source of meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense.
6. Please pray that God will use the DVD of Overflowing with Grace Conference to heal Chinese Christians, especially brothers and sisters in Mainland China.
7. May God use Just One More Day to help those who are suffering with depression and anxiety.
8. May the churches who have been through the “Walk out of Grief” Workshops be willing to establish support and growth groups in order to practice accepting and accompanying for one another.


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