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There are many prerequisites in the application of Approved Instructor Candidate Program. One of them is passing the UMBC Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Certification Exam.

This examination is quite difficult. Many people feel uneasy about the 295 USD registration fee. The only thing Jane knew before taking the examination was that it has two parts: Individual Crisis Intervention and Group Crisis Intervention. To receive the certificate, one must pass both. The computer program simultaneously picks different questions for each test taker. There are true and false questions and multiple-choice questions, but test takers do not know how many questions for each or how much time is given to finish or what is a passing score. Some people have taken it three times and still have not passed. Knowing this only made Jane more nervous.

Once the test starts, no one can go back and make changes to any previous questions. The Individual Crisis Intervention part had 80 questions. There were very few true and false questions and one cannot spend too much time on any one question, fearing that time would be up. For the Individual Crisis Intervention part, Jane passed with a score of 81.3. After a short break, Jane passed the Group Crisis Intervention part with a score of 85.7, which had 70 questions. Her heart was still pounding intensely even after receiving her certificate.

After the exam, she understood the design of the exam has its benefits. Everyone faces different difficulties in their lives and we never know when our lives will end. Life is filled with complicated choices, and decisions need to be made with limited resources and time. There is no turning back, only choose and forget the past and push onward to face the future. The certificate expires in five years and people need to retake the test after five years with continual research in new fields. It’s just like driving a car – you must be alert and ready to face what comes at you. If you only look at the rear - view mirror, there will be an accident.

Thank You Jesus that Jane has been selected to join a limited number of instructor candidates to participate in the Approval Instructor Candidate Program (AICP) for Group Crisis Intervention. Jane will go to Houston, Texas to receive training on August 22nd, hoping to continue to pass each stage and successfully receive the AICP’s lecturer license.


1. Dr. Rex Johnson’s children stories are expected to be published. Illustrator, Makayla, has an idea for the Christmas story, “A Field of Sheep”.
2. Pastor Robert Sea, whose works are praised by many Christian media, is providing his articles to the readers of Lifting Hands Network.
3. With the high praises for Overflowing with Grace Conference, lecturers, Dr. Tom and Katy Sappington, are willing to pray about coming to Taiwan to teach the advanced course of Inner Healing in 2020 or 2021.
4. Jane has completed ICISF’s Advanced Group Crisis Intervention and Pastoral Crisis Intervention, receiving her certifications.

Prayer Requests:

1. “Women Only” has expressed the heart of men, wanting their spouse to understand him, understand his inner self. The book is translated in 22 languages worldwide and sold over 2 million copies. May God continue to bless marriages through this book.
2. Hurts that haven’t been healed and three basic needs that haven’t been fulfilled are two reasons why couples slowly stray from each other. These may even cause a couple to choose divorce. May God use the book and conference DVD of “Heal the Hurt in Your Marriage” to help couple to reignite the love in their marriage.
3. Why does the merciful and almighty God allow such pain and suffering? May God use “Why Suffering” to help those who are suffering in life and find that the Lord Jesus Christ is the real origin of purpose and comfort.
4. To those with depression and anxiety, it’s a challenge to overcome suicidal thoughts. May God use “Just One More Day” to help them want to live another day.


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