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Because of my faith, I have added many family members, and here I’m going to share about two of them.

This birthday card is drawn by a child I really love. When she gave it to me, she wanted me to look closely at each matchstick figures’ facial expressions in order to guess what they were thinking as each of them is unique.

I treasure every card that I’ve ever received from her like a precious jewel. Whenever I preach at different churches, I would always send a text message to her mother. Her parents once asked me where I was serving the week before as their daughter went through every classroom in their church, looking for me.

Her mother tells me that every Sunday this little girl would ask, “Is Jane going to be at our church today?” Her mother often tells me, “I’m not sure what she has prepared to share with you today.” If I’m at the church, after the service I’d stay and eat lunch with them, chatting about the fun things she’s experienced in her past week. Then I’d spend around an hour with her, reading books, playing games, or watching cartoon. Sometimes there would be other children joining us.

She is different compared to other children. She suffers from Asperger's disease, Tourette syndrome, ADD, and two other illnesses. In many people’s eyes, she’s a child who is a headache for both her teachers and parents. However, as our time together continues to increase, her screaming or tantrums have decreased dramatically. Not only does she long to share her life with me, I also enjoy the time spent with her. Her mother would always say, “Jane, you are so charming. Our child always listens to you.” It is actually her daughter who is charming, and I’m the one who listens to her.


Before the cold front hit, I went to Muji to pick out some clothes for a mother. I found all the items and I felt such warmth invading my heart as I imagined the smile on her face when she receives her gifts.

She is an eighty-four year old elderly lady. Suffering from Colorectal Cancer and a stroke on her right side, she cannot control her bowel movement or leave the house. Sometimes she would beg her daughter, who serves at the church, to ask Jesus to take her home because of the pain she goes through. But two years ago, the daughter passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, letting her with even more reasons for not wanting to go on living.

I still remember when I first reached out to her. She rejected my offer on the phone when I asked to visit her. During my first few visits with her, she still talks about going to heaven and seeing her daughter. Usually I would go to her house every three or four weeks to give her a massage, to share the truth from God’s word with her, and to pray for her. I even promised to take her out when she gets better. She would smile a little, thanking God for His love for her. She hopes to travel together one day so that she can go and admire God’s creation.

Some of my friends think that I spoil the elderly. But in my opinion, they have worked hard all their life, sacrificing for their family and church, shouldn’t we cherish them? In fact, serving them has also comforted my heart as I miss my own parents.

1. FLLC has agreed to co-host the marriage transformation conference, “IGNITE”.
2. Shulin and Tainan pastors are interested in starting local “Group Crisis Intervention” classes.
3. In March of 2019, some missionaries from aboard will be coming to Taiwan to attend“Group Crisis Intervention” courses.
4. Feedback received from a pastor in Kaohsiung, saying “For Women Only” is the most helpful book for sisters in Christ and he strongly recommends it.

Prayer Requests:

1. Taipei’s “IGNITE” Conference needs a suitable place to host it. May God prepare a place with convenient transportation, sufficient workers, especially those who are involved in marriage ministry and a passionate church to work with.
2. Why does the merciful and almighty God allow such pain and suffering? May God use “Why Suffering” to help those who are suffering in life and find that the Lord Jesus Christ is the real origin of purpose and comfort.
3. To those with depression and anxiety, it’s a challenge to overcome suicidal thoughts. May God use “Just One More Day” to help them want to live another day.


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