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While printing the offering receipts, my heart was filled with thanksgiving. With the kind donations and support of many pastors and brothers and sisters in Christ, 2019 was a remarkable year. From the ministries in Taiwan, and Sinim Home in Jakarta through teaching the courses of “Life Coach Walking You Through Life”, to sharing the Gospel in Hokkaido, Japan along with OMF at “Café COEN”, it is because of our donors and intercessors that we were able to bear so much fruit.

Many pastors feel that men generally do not understand the mindset of women. Thus, we took the initiative to invite Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, authors of “For Women Only” and “For Men Only”, to come to Taiwan. We were finally able to schedule the event for June of this year, bringing their highly praised marital conference. Unfortunately, due to the spread of the Coronavirus, it won’t be feasible for 2020. We hope the conference could be postponed to January 2021. However, we haven’t heard their reply yet.

In order to cooperate with the timing of the marital conference, we originally planned to publish “For Men Only” first, and postpone the publishing of “Take Your Life Back: How to Stop Letting the Past and Other People Control You”. But as the conference is now postponed, we have decided to go with our original publishing order with “Take Your Life Back” being launched in April.

With the fear of the Virus continuing to spread throughout the world the next couple of months, it has been a very difficult battle to fight. With the cancelation of our biggest conference of the year, difficulties between our courses and publishing, it has been a chaotic year. But we continue to trust that the Lord is in control and that He has the perfect timing for everything. No matter how crazy the outside world is, as long as things happen within His timing, all is good in His eyes. God’s children could find peace and security in our Lord Jesus Christ.

May we continue to intercede for each other as we face the year of 2020, a year filled with challenges.

1. Finalizing the contract signing of the highly praised “Healing Depression For Life”, which has helped many who have been suffering from depression. We have also successfully invited the author, Dr. Jantz, to open courses here in Taiwan next June.
2. The editing of the translation of Take Your Life Back goes smoothly.
3. The editing of the translation of For Men Only goes smoothly.

Prayer Request:
1. May 
the marital conference could be postponed to January 202. May the Lord prepare the churches that will support the conferences to be held in 2021.
2. May the Lord use both DVD sets of “IGNITE” and “Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage” to bless Christian couples. May the Lord also lead couples who are still unbelievers to join “IGNITE” and have a personal relationship with Him.
3. May the Lord open the path for more cities and counties to start “Walking Out of Grief” and “Group Crisis Intervention” Courses.
4. May the Lord continue to use the books published by Lifting Hands Network to bless more and more Chinese readers.



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