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For a long time, the Christian community has been proactive in organizing various activities to attract people to come to church. However, if one’s life has not been truly transformed and has not experienced the amazing God of the Bible, then for them to leave the church is only a matter of time. The transformation of one’s life and the ability to establish a true relationship with the Lord are closely related to the recovery from the past pain, unexpected changes and broken relationships that affect our daily life. It is no wonder “Life Recovery” books and DVDs have sold better compared to other genres.

We are grateful for the recommendation of Dr. Rex Johnson in letting Lifting Hands Network to introduce the authors, Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop, Ph.D, of the best-selling book in the “Life Recovery” genre in the US, Take Your Life Back: How to Stop Letting the Past and Other People Control You.

Jane totally fell in love with this book during the production process. People have a chance to go from hopelessness to experiencing hope. By being able to be the decider, defender, and developer of your own life, to recapturing everything and offering back to God, life as a believer is definitely an exciting journey. This is the way people can truly experience our Lord.

Before deciding on the name and cover for the Chinese version, we conducted two market surveys one for Christians and another for non-Christians. The two titles in Chinese had a slightly different connotation. By the votes we received in these two surveys, we were able to see that even though the vast majority of unbelievers are eager to have control of their own lives, they are still strongly influenced by their past and people around them. Although some Christian readers might think the title is self-centered and secular, but in order to reach these unbelievers, we decided to use the title “Take Back Your Life”. As Jane read the book, it isn’t difficult to understand why the transformation of thousands of lives has happened because of this book by Stephen and David.

The majority of consumers doesn’t have the habit of buying workbooks, thus, publishers in Taiwan usually don’t publish these kinds of books. But Jane found that the workbook for “Take Back My Life” to be very essential as is the short film for the book. Jane immediately contacted Tyndale Publishing Group to purchase the copyright of the traditional Chinese version, which is expected to be published in late September. You can find the introductory video in this link: Please watch it and share it with others.

“Take Your Life Back: New Life Intensive Workshop” is very popular and of great value in the US. We have been in contact with the main lecturer Stephen Arterburn since 2018. After two years of hard work, we finally were able to invited him to come to Taiwan to teach the Intensive Workshops on 1/11-20, 2021. Please pray that the Covid-19 will be under control and that nothing will hinder his arrival. Please also pray that the Lord will use the book and workshop to transform countless lives here in Taiwan. Please note the starting dates of the courses being held around Taiwan and make every effort to attend.

1. The publishing of “Take Your Life Back”
2. It only took one year from negotiation of gaining the copyright to the publication of “For Men Only”.
3. The contract for the courses of “Take Your Life Back: New Life Intensive Workshop” was signed.
4. Dr. Jantz, who has successfully supported and helped people suffering from depression, consented for the copyright of “The Five Keys to Health & Healing”.

Prayer Requests:
1. As Stephen Arteburn is coming to Taiwan, may nothing hinder him from conducting the workshops and that he will not have to be quarantined for 14 days.
2. For God to provide a church with a common vision to co-host the New Life Intensive Workshop in Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taipei.
3. May the Lord open the path for more cities and counties to start “Walking Out of Grief” and “Group Crisis Intervention” Courses.
4. May the Lord continue to use the books published by Lifting Hands Network to bless more and more Chinese readers.



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