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Please Remember the Needs of Others

On January 18, the Liberty Times released the article, "Suicidal Children and the Need to Be Discovered Early" written by Jane (link: /14221135). It highlighted a research report involving adolescent suicides: most suicides occur in February. Even though it was hoped that the article would raise awareness towards this serious issue, unfortunately, there were still many adolescent suicides in the month of February in Taiwan.

In view of this, the "Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention" courses were held in Kaohsiung and Taipei in April. In order to encourage pastors and teachers to participate, special discounts were given. In addition to attending the joint prayer meeting in the north, Jane also made four trips to Kaohsiung and Tainan to attend different pastoral prayer meetings. In addition, EDMs were also widely spread to organizations and volunteer teachers working with students. In putting in so much time and effort, and only to see the total number of applicants for the two course sessions to be a sum total of 26 individuals, the feeling of disappointment heavy upon Jane’s heart was inevitable. Based on the principle of equipping as many people as possible, courses were still held according to the scheduled date. Unexpectedly, there were members of the Kaohsiung Presbyterian Mission in the courses down south, and the Keelung Lifeline supervisor in the courses up north who participated. This made case discussions very enthusiastic, and the Christian Today reporter wrote an article from the courses held in Southern Taiwan (https://, Which has reached more than 1300 readers.

The 4/2 Hualien Taroko Railway incident shocked Taiwan. More than 50 people were killed and more than 200 were injured. Many religious groups and non-profit organizations arrived at the scene. Many rescuers who witnessed the tragedy felt physical and mental stress to the extent that they vomited. At the same time, it broke in the news that a rescuer involved in the Yilan Puyuma incident in 2018 committed suicide due to post-traumatic syndrome in 2019. Over 30,000 people asked the government to face up to the mental needs of the rescuers.

The Christian Today reporter once again interviewed Jane, hoping to provide follow-up care for the families of the victims and passengers, whether they were physically injured or not, along with the rescuers, funeral workers, and reporters who witnessed the disaster. The impacted parties and caregivers put forward professional suggestions, such as precautions regarding trauma. This is the link to the report, and with viewers exceeding 1,100.

Because the interview was unable to teach in-depth professional skills and only covered general introductions, Jane held Group Crisis Intervention and Walk out of Grief workshops in Kaohsiung, Taipei, and Tamsui in April and May. Some participating students came from the outer islands of Taiwan as well as other counties. Jane was so grateful for the turnout. A mother said that this course was a Mother’s Day gift she wanted from her son. She was very happy to receive such a great gift. There were also students who sent a message of apology to their strained relatives during the break, because the course opened their eyes, understanding that they were the problem. Thank God as many students have connected with each other via LINE to become friends, to walk together on this road to heaven.
Jane is most grateful for every student who participated in the courses, and hope that everyone can use what they have learned to serve this generation.

1. Jane's suicide prevention articles can be published in Liberty Times, which has the largest circulation, becoming a blessing for non-Christians.
2. The concept of suicide prevention through the report on Christian Today can send the message that all people are "gatekeepers"!
3. The reminder to the public of the needs of different ethnic groups through the different media interviews.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray that the Lord will make great use of "Take Your Life Back" and the Workbook to help readers get out of the trauma they have suffered in their family and their past experiences.
2. Pray that the Lord will make great use of "For Men Only" and "For Women Only" to bless Chinese marriages and raise their eagerness to know God.
3. Pray for the Lord to open the way. May "Walk Out of Grief", "Crisis Intervention", "Suicide Prevention" courses be opened in more counties and cities.
4. May Lifting Hands Network have the opportunity to help counties and cities with high suicide rates to decrease this present trend.


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