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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Merry Christmas!

After years of training and hard work, Jane was blessed to be the speaker of this year’s “Pastoral Training Workshop” at Kaohsiung Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. After several conversations, the date was set for November 1st to 3rd, and the theme of the training would be on “Walk Out of Grief”. Here are some thoughts and feedback from some of the participating pastors:

Pastor Wang, Head of Missions at Kaohsiung Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, said, “The “Walk Out of Grief” Workshop is essential to pastors, as they often need to comfort the congregation. Sometimes with good intentions, pastors quote Scriptures to comfort people. Yet does this really lead people out of grief, or does this make them even more sorrowful? Comforting is a skill that requires continuous improvement.”

Pastor Xu, Chairperson at Kaohsiung Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, said, “Most pastors are familiar with grief counseling, but usually applied only during memorial services. Through the workshop, Jane has reminded me that follow-up comfort is just as significant. Furthermore, the books introduced during the courses are also resources and references that can be used when pastors spend time with those who are grieving. For a more comprehensive comforting process, church workers also need to participate in such workshops in order to better support their pastor.” Pastor Xu is eager for pastors to share the importance of grief counseling to their congregation.

Pastor Ding, Head of Missions Training at Kaohsiung Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, said, “Previous grief counseling methods might include inappropriate ways to comfort others. For example, saying things, such as “Be strong”, don’t sympathize with the person who is grieving and does not allow the person to release their emotions. Sometimes the offering comfort only happens during the family or memorial services rather than being on going or in a deeper sense. From what the speaker shared, we now understand these emotions, including our own. If grief is not proper dealt with, it will linger for a much longer time. Suppressed grief is likely to cause other physical and mental issues.”

Pastor Wang, Deputy Secretary at Kaohsiung Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, said, “I learned a lot during the three-day workshop. As a pastor, members of my congregation suffer from serious issues, such as fires, divorce, accidents, and the constant thought is how can the church reach out to these people. In addition to prayer, when people are at their weakest, the church now has a chance to have a pastor who can provide professional grief counseling. To use the Word of God to encourage them and not become like one of “Job’s Friends”.

Taiwan Church News Network, Interview Report by Journalist Lin:

Christian Tribune, Interview Report by Journalist Xie:

Published 11/8, with close to 4,000 views to date. 

Jane sincerely hopes that every pastor will be a comforter that soothes the hearts of others as Christians grieve the same ways as all people. Please pray that the “Walk Out of Grief” Workshop will become the primary choice for pastoral training of all denominations.


1.     Hu, host of National Education Radio’s new midnight program, Starting from the Heart, has invited Jane to introduce the book Healing Depression for Life. 

2.     Famous Broadcaster and multiple Golden Bell Award winner, Shi, has invited Jane to talk about the book Healing Depression for Life at the end of December. 

3.     The translation of PPT & Video of The Secrets of Psychological Body Armor ™ -Survival of the Wisest, New course of ICISF goes smoothly.


Prayer Requests:

    1.        Pray that the Lord will make great use of "Healing Depression for Life" and the Workbook to help those who struggle with Anxiety and Depression.

    2.        Pray that the Lord will make great use of "Take Your Life Back" and the Workbook to help readers get out of the trauma they have suffered in their family and their past experiences.

    3.        Pray that the Lord will make great use of "For Men Only", "For Women Only", and “Healing the Hurt in your Marriage” to bless Chinese marriages and raise their desire to know God.

    4.     Pray for the Lord to open the way so that "Walk Out of Grief", "Crisis Intervention", "Suicide Prevention" courses will become the primary choice for pastoral training of all denominations.

Jane Hsu


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