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Communication - Spotlight

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Jane Hsu, the co-founder of Lifting Hands Network, was invited to teach "Introduction to Pastoral Counseling" and "Pre-marital Counseling Part II" from March 29th to April 10th. The workshop received very good feedback. Listen to what attendees say:

I learned Introduction to Christian Counseling thirty years ago, and related theories are almost forgotten. For a pastor, what we can remember are mainly methods, practices and other skills, and I always feel that only practical things are useful. However, after finishing half of the workshop, I found the content very practical, having both theological foundation and practical application, and in good order. If students can remember these, I believe they will be of great use.

I’m a lazy student and pursue practical stuff. Thus, I encourage you to take out your handouts and review; after all, God’s words are where solutions come from. Jane gave us one year to study God’s words in depth, and doing so will make you a blessing to yourself and others. May Jesus always be with you. Amen.

--Pastor Hsu


This workshop helps us to become a mature person and a blessing to others. My biological family gave me a lot of wrong perspectives, especially in family and relationships. I often put my spouse at the last place and this affected our marriage. After finishing the workshop of marital counseling, we have decided to fix our ways of interaction. I need to learn and listen more, and to appreciate the difference between the two of us. From our own experience, we can help more brothers and sisters!

--Thung, Pastor Hsu's wife


My husband and I have been married for almost two years but conflicts just don’t stop. Sometimes we not only quarreled, but also threw stuff, which made me wonder if this marriage could last. Even if I know God does not like divorce, the thought kept popping out in my head, and I no longer wanted to try saving our marriage though I still loved my husband. However, as the workshop continued, the thought gradually disappeared and I am willing to try again. This is both an opportunity and a crux. What Jane taught makes me believe the crux is not heavy, but a foundation to better know your other half and enjoy marriage.

--Ou Qing


I learned several things from this workshop. First of all, I have to work harder to become a qualified Christian; from Jane I saw a true Christian possessing both wisdom and maturity. She really integrates Christ into her life and work, yet at the same time does not make others feel uncomfortable. This is her special gift, which also comes from her continuous learning and ongoing efforts.

How to prepare yourself to become qualified for marriage is very important, just like Jane stressed: marriage is a lifelong learning, and no success can compare with a happy family.

--Chen Chu


This workshop is highly related to psychology and the Bible, and it is really enlightening. In the past, I often attributed my emotional problem or others’ habits to spiritual warfare, but now I understand it is my psychological problems that need to be solved.



In "Introduction to Pastoral Counseling", Jane adopted a very comprehensive approach—starting from counseling objectives, basic concepts to deeper personality structure, to the actual counseling principles and processes, the workshop was well-structured. Though I have not actually applied them in real life, the theories convinced me, and now I know why and how to do. In the workshop, Jane used different cases to illustrate the concepts, which are intriguing and helpful. More importantly, we can all find similar characteristics in these counselees, or they are just around us. Jane’s instruction enlightened us.

The most exciting part in this workshop is “Introduction to Pastoral Counseling”. Jane used many cases, even our own acting, to make us realize what can be called a complete, professional, and effective counseling therapy.

--Tong Jing


The workshop and teaching not only encourage us to learn skills, but also add a lot of fun to our lives. In addition to learning to live a planned life, what’s more important is that we understand ourselves more and are willing to face and change!

--Cher & Peng-Peng


A specific lesson I learned from this workshop is that a person's behavior and personality have their origins, just like mine do. I used to see things from a narrower perspective, and would use my own set of values as the only standard to judge others. Now I know I need to be closer to God. Where does my sense of security and sense of meaning come from? If “money is the most important” is wrong, or if excessive desire for food is incorrect, then only my dear Lord can reshape me.

--Xiao Du


Thank God for bringing Jane to us. She let me saw another beautiful world, in which we can get rid of the fakeness and vanity of the world, and pursue spiritual holiness with all our heart. Only knowing God can bring such a blessing.
After finishing the workshop, I found myself not reading Bible enough, and not understanding God’s words enough. If my basic assumptions are not based on God’s words, then neither are my thoughts and behavior.



First of all, I would like to thank Jane for her time and efforts in the 3-week workshop. I learned a lot, and was deeply inspired. Practical cases and academic knowledge let me know many techniques and methods in counseling, and psychology also gave me a glimpse of how to understand others’ thoughts.

Compared with previous workshops, I absorbed a large amount of valuable knowledge. Thank Jane and the Church of Joshua for this!



Firstly, I would like to thank Jane and elders from the Church of Joshua for providing such a great learning opportunity!

During the workshop, I found the reasons of my sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction, and better knew why a lot of bad social phenomenon occurred. The aforementioned made it clear that all behavior should be God-centered.

Jane’s pre-marital counseling also set good foundation for gospel preaching and church service. I would like to thank Jane again, and I sincerely hope that things learned from this workshop can also be used to help others. Amen.

--Peng Weiwei


I have been looking forward to a workshop like this to better server brothers and sisters. God will provide—I thank God for sending Jane to teach and help us, so that we can assist people in need in a more professional manner, rather than depending on our own experience and impulse.

--Wan Jun


1. If you want to marry a prince, you have to become a princess first.
2. Marriage does not guarantee happiness. You have to work harder to grow and mature to become the family's blessing.
3. Marriage is not husband and wife living their own life, but two people committed to each other and live a life together.
4. Only God-centered marriage and family can last and be happy for long.
5. Marriage needs careful management, and romance atmosphere would spice up marriage.

--Chen Qiulin


Though pre-marital counseling is the second part of last year’s workshop, it was precise and to the point. Marital relationship analysis and testing were also very accurate. I learned a lot from this workshop.

--Shui Yue


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