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Communication - Spotlight

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Jane Hsu was invited to go to Changchun and Inner Mongolia from June 13th to 29th, during which she encouraged a couple in a wedding ceremony, offered trauma counseling/marriage counseling services, and taught lessons. Listen to what students and counselees say.

After talking with Jane, I felt that things I wanted to keep as secret were revealed, and the knot in my heart untied. I gave up my resentment and dissatisfaction. Seeing things from Jesus’ perspective, I solved the problem smoothly and happily. – Liu

I totally opened my heart. I was like standing at a crossroad before, but now I know what to do and where to go. – Xu

I didn’t have sufficient biblical knowledge and thus had many questions, which Jane answered based on words from the Bible. I now know that it is necessary to truly understand what God says, and hide them in my heart to guide my behavior. – Sister Li

Jane’s course let me understand how marvelous God is, and that to fully rely on God, I have to believe God’s words. Jane gave a clear direction of how we should walk in the path of faith, and how important it is to read every sentence in the Bible. We should trust in God and take the road God points to us. – Sister He

After listing to Jane’s sermon, I found that I was still insufficient. I will keep learning in Jesus, getting rid of all the unrighteousness within me, and doing things according to God’s will. – Sister Du

Jane’s teaching is different and in-depth. I have learned a lot, and figured out some of the questions I didn’t understand before. I’d like to thank Jane for her inspiration.
--Sister Guo

Jane absorbs Bible thoroughly and put God’s words in her mind. I didn’t read Bible in detail and forgot as soon as I browsed through the verse. Jane’s teaching greatly inspired me, letting me know Bible requires careful reading and memorizing. In addition, we should ask brothers & sisters or pastors to figure out things we don’t understand. In the future, I’ll put more trust in God instead of relying on myself. I believe God will show me the right way. –Brother Lin

Jane’s sermon greatly enhanced my spiritual life. I had a very vague idea about Jesus, and I didn’t understand much when listening to sermons at church. Jane’s course enabled me to have a new understanding of God and it showed my future direction. I’ve decided to read the Bible more clearly in the future. In the past, I forgot what I had read very soon, and Bible verses bored me. Jane taught us how to read, digest and pray so that we can absorb God’s words. By doing this, we are in Christ, and vice versa. Thank you, Jane! –Brother Wan

We had group discussion today. The lesson “Work with the Holy Spirit” taught us how to connect with God in the Holy Spirit; her analysis and sermon enabled us to know God in-depth and have an intimate relationship with Him. Jane taught us how to read and meditate God’s words, as well as listen to what the Holy Spirit says so we can understand more clearly. Thank God for bringing Jane to us. –Sister Wan


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