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Communication - Spotlight

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Twenty-nine people attended the "Walk out of Grief" workshop held in Kaohsiung Bilingual Community Church on June 14, while 58 attended the Chiayi session held in Living Water Church on June 21 and 45 attended the Taipei session on June 28. Their feedback is listed as follows.

Thank you for opening our eyes and let us see the loss and grief of those who are not aware of them. Thank you for teaching us how to face and walk out of grief, and to help others to do the same. We have learned a lot from this workshop and may God remember your dedication and hard work.

The greatest lessons I learned today are:
(1) To accompany someone is more important than I thought.
(2) The experience of true healing after my mother’s death at the beginning of this year.
(3) It is facing the past bravely that allows us to embrace future.

I’ve participated in grief counseling courses before but felt no opportunity to use it, since the death of a loved one doesn’t happen very often. After the workshop, I learned that even the loss of my cat, abandoned by my mother, can let me feel so much pain. I began to realize everyone needs to receive grief counseling.

The “timeline of losses in life” and how to deal with them are very practical. We learned how to accompany and assist school-age children when they lose parent(s).

I’ve been preparing to start ministering again, and how lucky I am that I can start here. I’ve participated in many counseling courses in hope that I can become a good helper. Thank you for teaching me so much today.

The workshop is great! What I’ve learned today will become a nice memory for me and my family.

I learned that we need to cope with our own problems first, and then help others. Church can start launching this very important and meaningful ministry.

I feel I get closer to God’s heart.

The most impressive thing I’ve learned is that I need to walk out of my own grief.

I'm currently looking for a ministering platform and tool, and this is it.

I’m very glad to attend the workshop with my wife and secretary. I came because I knew there are many people in need and I wanted to know how we can help them. In the workshop, I teamed with other two classmates and listed out some concrete steps. This is amazing!

I will become more mature when I look back and ponder on my life.

One has to walk out of his or her grief to become a better company for someone in grief.

You have to choose an appropriate way to accompany someone so that his or her needs can be satisfied, not yours.

To be a good company is to speak the right words. Don't say things like: "Be strong. Don't Cry."

Love can be the driving force of any activity.

To support someone, you only need to keep him or her company. Words are not necessary.

Only when you walk out of grief can you help others to do the same.

I'm not a Christian and didn't register for the workshop in advance. In the workshop, I realized the process of grief includes several stages, how to complete each stage, and how we can use what we've learned today in marriage and friendships.

You have to clean the wound so that it can heal. To comfort others, you have to be comforted first. The real comfort comes from God.

Now I know how to deal with my loss and help others.

The workshop lets me understand the process of grief. I won't try to understand people in need using rationalization in the future.

I found that everyone needs to accompany someone and to be accompanied. In addition, we have to realize that such need arises because we all encounter different losses in life, large or small.

What impresses me most is the saying: nothing is more important than the connection between people.

Words are not needed when you keep someone company. You only need to stay by his or her side.

I learned the true meaning of "company" today. Silence is better than words.

I learned today that to help someone in grief, we have to keep him or her company, and listen quietly to what the person says. Only then can we open his or her heart.

To listen attentively is more important than words, because listening itself is healing.

To grief is to cry loudly and bravely. It’s a good method.

I learned in the workshop that I have to finish my own journey of grief first to reach out to others. Words are not a necessity when you accompany someone. Just be there.

Life is very valuable. Even the smallest wound needs to be respected and attended to.

We need to face and understand grief first to help others.

Loss is common in life, and a good starting point for building relationships.

Nobody's life is without grief or crisis. I learned today that those who grief have the right to do so, and keep them company is to let them know we are always there to support and help.

I'm very glad I can learn with so many classmates.

I learned how to stay my friend's side and help him or her walk out of grief.

I learned that grief has to be dealt with and put in correct perspective in order to walk out of it.


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