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Communication - Spotlight

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I have learned a lot from this course and found that I have to correct myself in some ways—I will spend more time when preparing for a sermon in the future. It is my sincere hope that every pastor come to this course.

Pastor Hui-Mei Lin, Taichung Conference, 8/Jan/2012

We saw how generous you are in the “Consuming Fire, Holy Bible” Conference by offering such great courses with only a small fee. May God bless you so that whatever you do prosper, and that both who do and receive get benefits.

En-Hui Li, Taipei Conference, 13/Jan/2012

To LiftingHands Network Team:
Thank you for your giving to the Lord. May God bless and strengthen the work you do!

Jui Sheng, Liu (Close Friend Church), Taipei Conference, 14/Jan/2012

It is amazing that you can hold such a large-scale conference with so few staff. I feel really blessed by participating in the conference.

Anonymous, Taipei Conference, 13/Jan/2012

I have attended other Hermeneutics conferences before, but the teaching in “Consuming Fire, Holy Bible” is more in-depth and sophisticated. I have learned new things thanks to this wonderful conference!

Anonymous, Taipei Conference, 14/Jan/2012

The teaching in the conference and the book Playing with Fire (Chinese version) are invaluable. My heart is truly touched when God’s words are interpreted correctly!

I-Hsien Wang, Taipei Conference, 14/Jan/2012

Dr. Walt Russell explained Hermeneutics in-depth and made it easy to understand; he also used actual examples to illustrate how to interpret the Bible correctly. We learned a lot from his teaching. It is a pity that time was too short for us to practice more in order to be more skilled in interpreting the Bible.

Professor Marty Russell clearly explained different stages in a woman’s life and how to deal with corresponding challenges, so that we can better prepare ourselves. In addition, she offered very practical and objective means of examination to help face our lives and remove sins and weights that sap our energy. It made me feel full of hope—as long as we follow her teaching, life can become better!

Preacher Agnes Shih, Taipei Conference, 14/Jan/2012

Thank you for holding the “Consuming Fire, Holy Bible” Conference, which enables me to know more about our loving God. May we have participation and partnership in the gospel.

Yun-Lin Ke, Kaohsiung Conference, 16/Jan/2012

I would like to thank Professor Marty Russell for giving us the opportunity to share and pray for one another. I discovered that God used this fellowship to let me hear others pray for my needs, which I hadn’t even mentioned. I hence further realize that God knows my every need even before I talk to Him.

Anonymous, Kaohsiung Conference, 18/Jan/2012

I would like to thank Professor Marty Russell for the evening session “How to Minister to Women in Each Stage of Her Life”. As a new Mom, I am planning to set up a “Mom’s Fellowship Group”. To understand the ministry implications at this stage lets me know how to help other new moms.

Anonymous, Kaohsiung Conference, 17/Jan/2012

I have a habit of taking photos. One day I drove by and saw the sunset, which I felt very special and took a photo. Unexpectedly, in the Day 3 Afternoon Session “Walking in God’s Love” by Professor Marty Russell, I saw a slide with a very similar background photo, just that it had a verse on it: “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (I John 3:1) I believed it was God talking to me and felt truly touched.

Anonymous, Kaohsiung Conference, 17/Jan/2012

I would like to thank Professor Marty Russell for sharing the loss of her son, and how God comforted her. A sister in our church, who was in her fifties, passed way right before the Kaohsiung Conference, and her 80-year-old mother deeply grieved. Marty let us know how to comfort the grieving mother and pray for her, because the sister who just passed away is already in heaven enjoying God’s presence, like Marty’s son. We will reunite with them in heaven one day.

Anonymous, Kaohsiung Conference, 18/Jan/2012

I felt mostly inspired by The Day 3 Afternoon Session “Walking in God’s Love, or in Fear?” by Professor Marty Russell and experienced God’s love once more.

Anonymous, Kaohsiung Conference, 19/Jan/2012

I asked Professor Walt and Marty Russell, as well as the rest of the LiftingHands Network team to sign on Playing with Fire (Chinese version). In that way, I can remember the blessings each of you has brought me.

Anonymous, Kaohsiung Conference, 19/Jan/2012

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