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Communication - Spotlight

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Hermeneutics/Women’s Ministry DVD has finally been completed after 3 month’s effort.


Why does it take such a long time? Because we hope to give our most precious to God like Abel did. In order to offer the first-born to God, Abel joyfully took care of the pregnant ewe and welcomed the birth of the lamb, marking those without deformity. He was so committed to taking care of the lamb because only the first-born lamb without any defects could be sacrificed to the Lord. Give his most precious to God was what motivated Abel.


Our co-workers, half joyfully, half thankfully, produced the DVD like Abel gave his most precious to God.

For God, nothing is wasteful. Thus we used time-consuming, sophisticated editing to make the whole curriculum easier to comprehend and digest.


Professors teaching Hermeneutics in seminaries asked us to include English PPT in the DVD to enable seminary students enhance their English skills. This request would double our cost, but in order to help better equip these future church leaders, we did unhesitatingly. Considering that many pastors/ministers still use traditional CRT TVs, we adjusted every PPT size in accordance with the size of traditional CRT TVs. Images used in Women’s Ministry, had to be replaced  for copyright’ sake, and for that we purchased new photos. We also provide pastors/ministers with another MP3 so that they can review where necessary—as aforementioned, nothing is wasteful when we offer to the Lord.


The biggest challenge is that there are volume gaps between the speaker and the interpreter, which we had to adjust sentence by sentencea huge task indeed. From beginning to end, we can say we have tried our best.


If you like Hermeneutics/Women’s Ministry DVD, please do not hesitate to recommend it to your friends. If there is any feedback which can help us improve, please also feel free to contact us anytime.

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