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The Church In God's Program DVD

Ecclesiology Conference

  1. Speaker: Mark R, Saucy, Ph.D.
  • Price: $75
  • List Price: $ 75
  • Product #: D003
Product Introduction

DVD 1 The Church in the Bible’s Story
The purpose of this session is to locate the doctrine of the church in the Bible’s overall narrative for the world’s history—Genesis to Revelation. Knowing where the church fits in the God’s plan for the world is critical for identifying the church’s mission to the world and the means God intends the church to use in its mission. This session will introduce the prophesied New Covenant (key text: Jer 31:31-34) as the key to understanding the NT’s teaching of the church’s nature, empowerment, mission and ministry.

DVD 2 The New Covenant Nature of the Church-Part 1
How one approaches so many of the questions facing the church today depends upon a prior understanding of the nature of the church—what it is and what it is for. This session introduces the church’s identity according to the NT’s use of the word “church” and the direct NT statements about the nature of the church with reference to each person of the Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit.

DVD 3 The New Covenant Nature of the Church-Part 2 
This session continues the discussion of the church’s nature through the major scriptural images or metaphors for the church, including the body, the temple, and the family. We will also address the implications that each of these major metaphors bring for local churches.

DVD 4 The Mission of the Church
This mission of the church is often seen as comprising evangelism, worship and fellowship. This session will address whether and how these three important functions relate to one another in the life of a local church. Is there one overall mission, or are all three of equal purposes? How might an answer for one fundamental purpose affect the understanding of the function of the other two?

DVD 5 The Ministry of the Church
This NT describes an inward (towards itself) and an outward (towards the world) ministry focus for the church. This session will address the principle means described in Scripture for each of these two ministry focuses and how they play out in local church. The early church’s (first three hundred years) history will provide examples of how the NT teaching may be applied in these ministries.

DVD 6 The Organization of the Church
This session addresses the NT’s description of the way the church is organized to best comport with its mission and nature. The church’s identity as a spiritual family will be the background for our discussion of the structure and function of the church’s leadership.

DVD 7 The Ministers of the Church
This session will address the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to each member of the church and the role of each member in the up-building of the church for its mission in the world. Included in this session will be a discussion of the specific roles God has created for redeemed men and women to fulfill for building up the church and serving the world.

DVD 8 The Worship of the Church
In some regard the NT describes all of the Christian’s life as worship (Romans 12:2), but what specifically is important for the church when it gathers together? Based upon the nature of the church and its mission in the world, this session will address concrete applications of Jesus’ words that we are to worship in “Spirit and truth.”

DVD 9 Baptism and the Lord's Supper
As part of what Jesus told his disciples to remember and practice, baptism and the Lord’s Supper have been part of the church since its origin at Pentecost. This session will present how the NT describes the meaning and practice of these two ordinances in the life of the local church.

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