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God & Me - Stories

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At Christmas time in 2005, my oldest brother told me that God moved him to talk with me about something serious. He said, “You should equip yourself for the kingdom of God by studying abroad. After two years your vision will be broadened, and you will be able to help more people. Be sensitive to God’s will and tempo; if God wants you to establish a new ministry in the future, go forward with it. Don’t allow the world’s view to limit you. ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go’” (Joshua 1:9).

One day in May of 2006, Doris Brougham, the CEO of Overseas Radio and Television Inc. (ORTV), a non-profit Christian organization in Taiwan, asked me if I had ever considered studying abroad. “No," I replied. "Why not?" She asked. "I have no money," I answered. Doris told me she would help me to apply for scholarships.

Doris immediately called someone at Biola University and asked if there was any space in the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MOL). Unfortunately, Biola said, "No."

In January of 2007, Dr. Cook, the ex-president of Biola visited ORTV and shared a message in the morning devotion. I was touched by the message. Doris asked me to start applying to Biola.

In March of 2007, Biola emailed me and said there was no scholarship in MOL, so Doris wanted me to stop the application process.

Every day from May 1st on, God told me “I am sufficient for all your needs.” On May 7th, God wanted me to read Ezra 1. I felt God was telling me that during Ezra’s time, building a temple in Jerusalem was His will. Therefore, God moved the heart of King Cyrus of Persia to make a proclamation and offer what Jewish people needed.

On May 15th, after a regular check-up, my dentist friend asked me how the application for studying abroad was going. I told him it had stopped due to not getting a scholarship. My dentist friend told me that he prepared something for me, $17,000. I couldn't speak for awhile. He told me he really thought I should go study abroad, and he believed I would help more people when I came back. My dentist friend is not even a believer, but God moved him like He moved King Cyrus.

Through my oldest brother, my CEO, and my dentist friend, God led me to study at Biola.

All MOL students are requested to take some Bible courses. Talbot School of Theology of Biola University has a strong reputation. I didn’t know which courses I should choose. Professor Timothy Grove told me if he could take only one course, the one he would definitely choose is Dr. Walt Russell’s “Hermeneutics & Bible Study Methods.”

Unfortunately, there were no seats for this course. Three Professors taught the same course, but his section was full. Professor Grove suggested that I email Dr. Russell and make an appointment with him. I wrote him four emails, but no response. I tried several ways to get into the section, but all failed. The secretary told me the reason Dr. Russell did not reply my emails was because there were still some seats available in other professors’ classes. “If someone drops this course, you can add it,” the secretary said.

During the registration period, I visited the registration website several times a day, but no one dropped. The next morning, I visited the website again. It was open! It seemed someone dropped it at the last minute. I ran to Biola and asked the secretary if I could enroll in it. Finally, I got into his class!

What is Hermeneutics? Why do we need Hermeneutics?! Aren’t the Bible study methods I leaned in Taiwanese seminary enough? Surprisingly, this course became the means for the most unforgettable discovery of my soul.

I don’t remember how many times I was shocked by God’s word when I realized what it really meant; how many nights I kneeled down and prayed for the people who I had never paid attention to before until my eyes were opened; how many moments my heart was full of joy when I meditated on God’s Word.

My soul was molded—I empathized with Jesus’ compassion to the people around Him; my attitude was changed—almost all Taiwanese Christians were taught to be reader-oriented; the purpose of my life was refocused—I asked God how I could be involved in His action plan instead of what His plan was for me, etc.

In my prayers I began to receive a vision from the Lord, to found an intercultural and international network of Christian professionals to provide Christian development and education resources to individuals and organizations that seek personal and business growth, Lifting Hands Network. To prove if the vision was really from God, I asked Him for this sign: Dr. Russell would agree to be my co-founder for Lifting Hands Network. I was overjoyed when Dr. Russell enthusiastically agreed and was further astonished when he gave his unsolicited generous financial backing. The three things that my brother communicated to me as a message from God: studying abroad, having my vision broadened, and the launching of a new ministry, had all come to pass.

Through the services of Lifting Hands Network, we hope you will experience abundant blessings from God. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

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