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Course - Business

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Course Introduction

Character Development in Leadership

Building a Leader from the Inside Out

This course is designed to help you understand the impact of your personal and family relational history, personal development, and life experiences on your theological outlook, emotional congruence, relational attractions, moral decisions, and leadership effectiveness.

Course Code BLDC-01D
Trainer Jane Hsu M.A.
Introduction of Trainer Jane is presently serving as the Executive Chairman of Lifting Hands Network. She enjoys helping executives to lead with integrity and to develop and implement strategic concepts that can transform their organizations and increase their influence. Furthermore, she loves to equip and train others to help people.
Course Designed For Christians executives
Pastors, ministers, group leaders
Team building
Course Objectives The course objectives are built around personal investigative reflection and small group interaction. It is hoped that the self understanding and spiritual growth gained in this class experience will lay the foundation for a lifetime of character development in leadership, ministry effectiveness and personal spiritual transformation.

Cloud, H. (1990). Changes that Heal. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. or
Thomas, G. (2000). Sacred Marriage. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Downloadable Materials
Class Size 12
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Cost $ 700
Note The cost will be fixed by the local committee.
To register, you must first become a member of Lifting Hands. Sorry for the inconvenience.