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Course Introduction

Choosing Happiness & Managing Your Emotions

Positive thinking & Emotion management

It doesn't matter what people think about you, how terrible the circumstance around you, you can still be a happy person!
By learning and practicing positive thinking, being the unique person God created you to be and conforming your character to moral standards you can make a difference in your community and life's outlook.

Knowing, accepting and managing emotions.
Learning effective communication and problem solving skills.

Course Code MTEM-01
Trainer Jane Hsu M.A.
Introduction of Trainer Jane is presently serving as the Executive Chairman of Lifting Hands Network. She enjoys helping executives to lead with integrity and to develop and implement strategic concepts that can transform their organizations and increase their influence. Furthermore, she loves to equip and train others to help people.
Course Designed For Teenagers
Course Objectives Knowing and practicing Positive thinking & Emotion management


Downloadable Materials
Class Size 200
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Cost $ 150
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